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  • How to find the right work glove solution?

    Look for a material with the right thickness and padding for your job. For example, A cut resistant work glove can protect your hands from hurts when you using some sharp tools.A comfort work glove can help you save time and relax when you do some flexible works. A winter thermal work glove can keep your hands warm for outdoor or working in cold areas.

  • Should we wear work gloves ?

    Construction work gloves protect the fingers and hands from a wide range of on-site injuries, from cuts and abrasions to chemical exposure and electrical shock. Hand injuries send over a million U.S. workers to the ER annually, and only back strains and sprains account for more days away from work. So let’s get a real good work glove to make you safe from Yeeho Safety pls.

  • Do you have certificates of CE?

    We have all certificates of CE. You can download and check on our website. For the cut resistant work gloves, Comfort Grip work gloves, Winter and thermal gloves...etc. All approved and meet requirements.Pls relax to order.

  • Can we do small orders and quick shipment?

    We have our own warehouse for various styles of gloves in all sizes. So you can order small qty, and you can do OEM. We promise to send goods out in 3-7days if you don’t need prints. Or 7-15days for logo prints orders.